Radasi yorgos 170Talk, English
During this festival we offer an introductory and complete sadhana process from the Traditional Tantra path from India.
It is our hope to share with you the inter connection of Yantra - Mantra - Yagna and how these important keys in Tantra allow you to connect and awaken divine energy that exists within us.
Now for those of you that may not feel connected with the idea of Indian Gods, let us share something important about the science of Tantra.Energy is energy, and the form of energy is expressed through the perception of humans in different ways.
So if you do not feel inspired by the idea of Indian Gods, it is ok, you can approach the experience just having a sense that the energy you are awakening within and connecting to is simply a frequency of high supportive energy that has been and still is honoured by millions even billions of people everyday word wide, and to this we offer our respect.

Workshopzeiten: Fr. 15.00 o.G.
Referenten: Radasi & Yorgos