RiceYantraEnglish, Special preparation
For this time together, we have chosen an initial sadhana in Tantra, that can be offered to you safely in this online experience.
The sadhana is with the energy of Ganesh, a greatly respected God in Tantra that supports in removing obstacles ,and provides the initial inspiration in any spiritual or physical work we undertake, we could say it is like receiving a blessing or a good wish.
In this 3 day process, we will share with you the construction of the Yantra of Ganesh {Yantra is the initial light form of the energy, and comes in the shape of a mandala} To create this Yantra we use coloured rice and various copper pots, elements from the nature and Mantra to charge the Yantra.
We also offer two sessions a day for you to sit with us at the Yantra where you can meditate using the given Mantra {Mantra is the sound vibration of the energy that we repeat as words}
Once a day we conclude the meditation with a devotional singing and offering of flame known as Aarti.
We also share a Yagna, {fire ceremony} that you can join using the same Mantra.
radasi lighting the lamps 170On the final day we offer a morning meditation, then in the afternoon we dissolve the Yantra back to the nature.

Workshopzeiten: Thoroughout the festival, please follow the live schedule; Rahmenprogramm zum Festival, folge bitte bem Live-Programm
Referenten: Radasi & Yorgos

Do. 16.00 - 18.00 - Starting with the Yantra (from 17.30 on "charging")
Fr., Sa., So. 09 - 10.00, Japa Yantra meditation
Fr., Sa. 18.00 - 19.00 Japa Yantra meditation with Aarti, 
So 18.30 - 20.00 Yagna & dissolution of the Yantra

Please read this little text in order to be prepared for this immersion: